BREAKING: Doublelift Is Being Traded To TSM

TSM fans rejoice and TL fans are in shambles trying to make any sense of this. This is LeBron being traded back to the Cavs if he had won 4 straight titles. I do like that TL had the decency to at least let Doublelift be involved in the process as they kick him out the door.

Apparently several teams were interested, obviously, but DL chose to go back to TSM and reunite with Bjergsen and Biofrost. I think TSM HAS to replace Dardoch in the jungle but TSM should be very competitive during summer. I wouldn’t want to go up against a pissed off Doublelift.

I assume Tactical will be the starting AD for Team Liquid now. He was duo with CoreJJ last night and he is now the only ADC on the roster. TL has to have a NA player, core and Broxah are filling up their import slots right now.

I really feel bad for Broxah, this isn’t what he signed up for when he left Europe for TL. Same goes for Kobbe. Guy comes to America, plays okay and gets replaced after his first split.

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