Tua Tagovailoa’s Incorrect Wonderlic Score Could Only Have Been Leaked By One Person

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So quick rundown of what happened. Last week it was reported that Tua scored a 13 on his Wonderlic test. That would be a score lower than Cardale “Came here to play football, didn’t come here to play school” Jones got. So what I’m saying is, it’s not great. And it could definitely hurt the draft stock of a player. Especially one that is already battling health concern issues.

But then it comes out, wait a second, some of the scores were wrong.

Turns out Tua could still be dumb, just not as dumb as we thought. So how does this happen? Why did this happen? I think it’s pretty obvious. This is a conspiracy to trash Tua’s draft stock so he slips Thursday night. Mel Kiper had Tua going to Miami but in his latest mock has Tagovailoa going number 6 to the Chargers. But the Chargers have Tyrod Taylor, a player them seem to like. What if a trade was floated their way for the 6th pick, to give Taylor some help on offense. Or maybe the Wonderlic score + the injury history scares the Chargers away and Tua continues to drop. Maybe more concerning news mysteriously comes out about him and next thing you know he’s past the teens. And falls right into the lap of a team that needs a quarterback and is also not a stranger to cheating….. who in the world fits that description?

Head on a swivel NFL. Bill is out for blood

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