Mugshot Monday: Marcus Jordan

Happy 6th Mugshot Monday in quarantine people. If there is one good thing that has come out of this pandemic it has been the early release of “The Last Dance.”

The first two episodes were released last night and it immediately reminded all of us former Jordan watchers why he’s the GOAT… And, butthurt all of the Lebron whiners.

This got me to thinking… How can we do a Mugshot Monday in connection to The Last Dance.

Image – B/R

So here is Marcus Jordan’s. Micheal Jordan’s son, arrested for drunken altercation.

Image – NY Daily News

I mean what a shit eating grin. Have you ever seen a more, I don’t give a shit.. I’m laughing in your face, so you know who my father is… Mugshot?

I wouldn’t doubt if this picture was taken right after he got out of jail. You actually have to respect the pompousness of the smile.


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