guess what day it is.

The unofficial—official holiday for stoners, AKA a normal day for a guy like me. (semi depressing flex)

Me at a Tom Petty concert a couple years back, my eyes looked like that for
2 weeks following the concert.

Now I’ve been toking the “Righteous Bush” (Pause) for about 9 years now, since the day I graduated grade school. Now I’ve had my fair share of 4/20 celebrations and also a few run ins with Johnny Law.

I have a couple 4/20 stories, but one sticks out in-particular.

Marshmallow Honesty

Alright so, me and my 2 friends in freshman year of high school decided on a Friday after a hard day of school too ease our minds. Best way to do it? Marijuana. My friend Brian stole his brother gas mask to smoke out of, now if you’ve never smoked out of a gas mask you have no idea how traumatic the experience can be especially for a 14 year old. There is a bong connected to the breathing part of the gas mask, when you inhale, the mask becomes filled with smoke nearly suffocating you. So all 3 of us, being naive, take a big rip. Now we’re all stoned and hungry, so we take a trip to wawa. I’m strolling through the isles searching for the perfect substance to suffice my desire to consume, I spot a big bag or marshmallows. Boom give me them.

The walk back from wawa is when shit got interesting. We’re ahigh walking on the street back to home base, I have a huge bag of marshmallows in my hand. A cop flashes his lights and approaches us. My friends get nervous, me being a cool customer I tell them to relax I’ll handle it. The cop pulls up right next to us, my one friend whispers “oh shit it’s my dad” now panic sets in, he rolls his window down and says “what are you guys up to, that’s a big bag of marshmallows mark you got the munchies?”— so I decided to use my sarcasm mixed with honesty to through him off and say “yeah we’re so high”— he looks me dead in the eyes and I saw my whole life flash before me, realizing that we are indeed high and visibly so I knew I fucked up. He yells at his son and tells him to get in the cop car. Me and my other friend make a mad dash for freedom, scared and not knowing any better. We thought we would do time in the slammer if caught under the influence of marijuana so we fled to the train tracks. We hid in a bush by the train tracks for 3 hours considering we were fugitives on the run. Eventually leaving and going back home.

I was scared he was going to tell my parents, but my parents never brought it up to me. I found out a couple years ago that they knew about it but didn’t say anything to me because they realize we were kids being kids. My friendship with the cops son would not be hindered and he was my best friend for years after, yet his father never looked at me the same. Which I was okay with considering the story and experience is something I wouldn’t trade for his acceptance. From then on I think I was considered the stoner of the group.Which I think manifested itself to become true.

So on that’s my 4/20 story— I’d be lying if I said I was celebrating right now. Roll one up and smoke away losers.

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