Is Josina Anderson A Racist?

It was another slow day in the sports world as we continue to await the return of any competition. We are starving for sports content and will consume it through any channel possible. As I scrolled through the twitter, my eyes caught an NFL related quote tweet, but the original wasn’t there. Oh what incredulous take you must’ve had random twitter user for your tweet to not appear, almost assuring you deleted it out of shame. But, it wasn’t deleted. It was a tweet from Josina Anderson, no stranger to shitty, misinformed takes. And low and behold the reason that I could not view this tweet…I’ve been blocked.



Blocked?! Ah, well actually I’m not that upset because I was fairly certain that I had muted her anyway. Despite my vile disdain for her sorry lack of professionalism after Carson’s injury, I believe I’ve only ever tweet at her one time. One week after the incident a cracked a joke at her and Jadeveon Clowney’s expense. The tweet existed on my profile for quite some time so it almost certainly didn’t get me blocked then. But weeks later once free agency begun, I wrote a blog voicing my concern with the mouthpiece of Alshon Jeffery’s complaints once again having the inside track in the Eagles locker room. She had keyed in and announced multiple Eagles free agency moves. It’s probably around this time, she searched her own name on Twitter, and the block party began. Appreciate you reading up on us, Josina. No harm done.

But where the harm DOES come in, is Josina’s repeated prejudice against red people.

It is clear that Josina Anderson’s anti-red agenda doesn’t begin and end with Carson Wentz. Her actions today (or whenever she blocked me) exhibit a pattern of discrimination against the Red community. We cannot sit idly by and allow powerful members of the media voice their prejudices like this against a minority group like Gingers.

We gingers will not be openly discriminated against during a time where our country needs to come together. Josina may continue her hatred towards the red community, but we shall overcome. Love trumps hate.


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