What Must Howie Do In This Year’s 1st Round?

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It’s no question that this year’s draft is going to be an important one for Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles. The whole city of Philadelphia knows what the biggest position in need is as well (wide receiver). What will Howie do? Will he stay true to himself and go trenches as he normally does in round one or will he prioritize getting Carson Wentz HIS GUY!!! Draft is in a week, and there’s not much time left to get his game plan set in stone. I’m going to go over the numerous scenarios Howie could choose to do come next Thursday at 8 PM

Scenario 1: TRADE UP…….. The rumors have been swirling all week long that Howie is enamored with Ceedee Lamb and is looking to trade up to make him Carson’s guy, a pair to build with for the next 10+ years. This scenario won’t come cheap.. Ceedee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, and Henry Ruggs III are all projected to be taken in the 11-15 range so most likely need to trade into the 8-10 range to get your pick of the litter. Moving from 21 into the top 10 is no easy task. For example, the Pittsburg Steelers moved from 20 down to 10 in last year’s draft. The move up cost them their 20th pick, their 2nd round pick, and a 2020 3rd round pick… Howie mentioned today in his live press conference on the Eagles twitter page that “he will not count out trading up if they feel they can get their guy regardless of already trading away 2 draft picks to acquire Darius Slay”. If they decide to trade up its 10,000 percent for one of the big 3 receivers in the draft. The probability of this happening is not likely but we’re talking about Howie here, he is so unpredictable you don’t know what he has up his sleeves.

Scenario 2: Stay put at 21…. Staying put at 21 is the least likely scenario in my honest opinion. I say this because the feeling from most major Eagles writers believe if they stay put, they have their eyes on Justin Jefferson. The closer the draft gets the less likely Jefferson is there at 21. Denver has been doing their homework on Jefferson in the past weeks as well as the Raiders, Vikings, Saints, and Packers. The teams after our pick have some draft capital to move up ahead of us and snag him. If they were to stay put guys like Yetur Gross Matos, Kenneth Murray, Patrick Queen, and Jeff Gladney are all names they could be flirting with. The likelihood of this happening is less likely then trading up in my opinion, UNLESS someone they love slides to them.

Scenario 3: Trade Back…. AHHHHHHHHH, Howie’s specialty. Trading back is usually the Eagles go to. This year’s draft is deep at most of the positions they need so look forward to this being the move once again. Moving back gives them a lot of options at wide receiver PLUS additional draft capital. Howie could move back and select a Jalen Reagor, Denzel Mims, Bradon Aiyuk, or even Tee Higgins (I’d stay away in the 1st if I had my way) and it gives you leeway to select another wide receiver in the 2nd or 3rd round. I usually am ripping my hair out when Howie pulls these moves, but this year I wouldn’t be mad about it one bit. The chance of this happening is HIGHLY LIKELY.

What would I do: In the end I have absolutely no say in anything the Eagles do, but if I did the answer is by far trade up. You have to give Carson a young studded No. 1 receiver for the remainder of his career. The most important thing is to give your QB the BEST SUPPORTING CAST you can. I like guys like Jefferson, Mims, and Reagor, but they’re not on CeeDee or Jeudy level when it comes to the impact that they’ll make on this team. Ceedee gives you a mixture of bullyball and stout route running. He attacks the ball better than anyone in the draft. His best attribute is yac yards and that’s something that this team has been missing for YEARS… Jeudy is just a route running technician. He literally leaves dude on the grass with bummed ankles and out of their cleats… He’s always open and that’s another attribute this team has been missing for many years. These two guys have top 10 receivers written all over them and you trade up for guys like that, there will be no regrets. If Howie somehow pulls it off… Eagles twitter will erupt and I’d love every second of it

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