VIDEO: Ninja “I Will Buy The Bank Your Mortgage Is Through And Foreclose Your House”

What a flex. What an insult. This some all time stuff from Ninja. Guy is sick of getting trash talked in game by people who then promote their stream to try and pull some views and he just drops the nuke of all insults. We hear people money talk all the time and usually I find it corny and Ninja is the corniest man on the internet but this is a fantastic move.

People are mad but people are always mad. You know how you get people to stop talking shit to you online? Buy the bank their mortgage is through, foreclose on their home so they won’t have internet. Honestly the man is just making great points all around.

I love toxic Ninja. I’m too used to the lovable nice guy and that’s not for me. Be a piece of shit Ninja, let that rage build up and up until you can’t contain yourself anymore. I need more clips like this injected into my veins.

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