Ray Didinger Had the Highest Praise Possible For One NFL Receiver Prospect

Ray Didinger is probably the most respected football analyst in Philadelphia and deservedly so. He’s seen pretty much every much every Eagles practice and game since the team did training camp in Hershey, Pennsylvania way back when. He wrote the encyclopedia of the Eagles, he comes with the facts not hot take bull shit. So when he speaks on the Eagles and who they should target in the draft, people listen. What he had to say in terms of praise for Henry Ruggs was downright staggering.

This guy has been covering football since the 1970’s and proclaims that Ruggs is the first receiver he has seen with no cons and essentially states he will be the second coming of Tyreek Hill. The Hill comp is a common one but the “no cons” excerpt makes you do a double take. Albeit, this is considered the greatest receiver class in NFL Draft history, but Riggs isn’t even considered the Top 2 gems at the position. It will be interesting to see if any teams picking in the early teens or better share the same sentiment as Didinger and pull the trigger on Ruggs based off his Tyreek Hill 2.0 speculation. Famed NFL analyst, Greg Cosell, said the 2019 Eagles offense was the slowest he has ever seen on tape. Guess you can’t really blame Ray Didinger for trying to fix that issue for the team with a guy who ran a 4.27 at the combine.


As for the Eagles, yesterday there was a rumor Howie Roseman is enamored with CeeDee Lamb to the point he’s ready to drop the chips on the table and go all out for him. It is becoming increasing more likely that the Eagles will have to trade up from Pick 21 in order to land one of the Core 4 receivers on the board, including Ruggs. Whether it is Ruggs, or Lamb or really any receiver the Eagles land, fans can’t complain. Any of these guys can step in the door and give the team more production than what they saw from the position last season. And as an added bonus, none of them are 27 year old volunteer fire fighters.

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