Number 1 HS Prospect, Jalen Green, Is Choosing Between College And The Pros

Jalen Green is the number 3 ranked high school player in the country and the number 1 ranked player who hasn’t committed to a school, or league. Jalen posted the above video yesterday. He says he is choosing between Memphis, Auburn or the NBL today at 1EST on his Instagram.

Personally, I always say go get the bread. Fuck college. You can get an education after you make money, don’t help grow the NCAA. With that being said I would LOVE to bet on this kid in next years March Madness (if we have one). I’ve gotten it before so I’ll quickly clear it up, yes I think the NCAA is bad and yes I still watch endless amounts of college basketball and don’t care that I’m supporting a corrupt corporation that is run on modern day slave labor, you know why? I am a degenerate gambler and love basketball. Back to Jalen. I think in the past some of these leagues have been iffy and the players that made it to the NBA never lived up to the hype, especially when they aren’t from that country originally like Manu, Dirk or Luka. We’ve got 2 kids entering the draft from the NBL this season, both American and both projected lottery picks so we’ll see how that works out.

For green though, he doesn’t have the luxury of seeing how LaMelo transitions to the NBA. He is making a choice that will literally change his life forever today. Back in January he said all he had on his mind was college. Maybe that was true at the time but if it was still true why is he baiting with the NBL rumors? Is it just for blogs like this one? If it is, well done cause I’ve bitten. Now there is one other league that Jalen could be joining. The NBA G-League. Next year is supposed to be the first year that the NBA will allow “select high school players” to forgo their Freshman year of college and be taken right onto a G-League team. Adam Zagoria thinks he is going to the G-League, so why shouldn’t we?

Lets think about it for a second. Jalen in January basically says he is going to college. Yesterday, he says he is making his decision today while he is wearing an NBL shirt. If you are going to go to college like you said why are we deciding between a foreign league? A great point that Zagoria makes is if you want to go pro, especially while all of this Coronavirus shit is still going on, why not go to the G-League and already be on an NBA team technically. 

I think either the NBL shirt is staged and just there just to drive up some hype while he announces what college he goes to and get morons like me to write 600 word blogs about it while having no real information. OR the NBL shirt is staged and just there just to drive up some hype while he actually is announcing he will be joining the G-League. 

Basically no shot he actually goes to the NBL. If he wants some money and endorsements while waiting to go to the NBA why would he choose a league across the world when he can train with and play against former and future NBA players while getting adjusted to their system at the same time? Unless you can’t sign endorsements while in the G-League and he would be leaving money on the table I don’t see why he would even entertain the NBL.

My best guess, this all a little publicity stunt and he’s going to go to College. Gain a few followers and some buzz while still going to school like he said he wanted. I don’t hate the move.

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