REPORT: Howie Roseman Is Trying To Go All In For CeeDee Lamb

The CeeDee Lamb to Philadelphia pipe dream is very much alive! Not only is it back and better than ever, but this report seems to show Howie Roseman is serious about his pursuit of the Oklahoma receiver.


As a front office exec myself (fantasy football), this strategy reported by Tordy does make a ton of sense for the Eagles. There seems to be an elite 3 or 4 receivers in the draft, but then a plethora of solid receivers behind them. So, if the major 4 are gone, the Eagles can trade back, add extra draft compensation, and likely stock up on receivers in the next few rounds without sacrificing much of the quality that would be left at 21 anyways. They are either going to fold their hand and save their chips for the next round, or push them all to the table and go all -in. If the Core 4 of Jeudy, Lamb, Jefferson and Ruggs are gone by the 20’s, this is absolutely the smartest strategy.

As for Lamb, he is absolutely one hundred percent worth trading up for, even though it means likely sacrificing a premium pick next season to snag him. Lamb is similar to Alvin Kamara, not in the sense of position on a football field, but their innate ability to bounce off defenders and explode for big gains. Remember in the Cowboys game late in the season when Greg Ward turned upfield past a defender and got a first down? The fan base was taken aback seeing a receiver on our team be able to make a catch AND make a defender miss. Yeah, that problem will never happen again with CeeDee Lamb. Bonafide WR1.

You know how companies always ask you for your 30 second elevator pitch? They you want to dazzle them and do it quickly. Well here’s CeeDee Lamb’s football version of the elevator pitch. He scored on this play against Texas:


Oklahoma's CeeDee Lamb scores touchdown in spite of the five Texas ...

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