Keith Pompey Has To Explain This Instagram Post

Keith, come on  man. You can’t just hit upload on this and then not address it what so ever. Not even a caption? Give us something. For those of you that don’t know who Keith Pompey is, he is the Sixers beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Kind of a big deal. When Sixers news is breaking, he is the one doing it. A true professional, which is why I am left speechless when I see his instagram posting a Tik Tok of two young ladies on a homemade stripper pole. Explain this Keith!!!

First thought is he must of been hacked. Logical explanation.


Oh, welp, there goes that.

And then it hit me. This could only mean one thing. Keith is sick of writing for a top notch professional media outlet. He wants to start slinging smut in the mud and work for Branded. It’s genius really. Don’t reach out to us directly, you could get yourself in trouble that way. No, toss out a video with no context of girls that think they are strippers and it will shine to us like the bat signal on a dark Gotham night. So I don’t want to speak for all of us but welcome to Branded Keith. Really excited to have you on board. Now blog more.


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