Could Odell Beckham Jr Be a Viking Soon?

You know the rules: if a Twitter user with a blue checkmark tweets something out, we have to take it seriously.


Seemingly since the day OBJ was traded to the Browns, he has been back on the trading block. The city of Cleveland and Odell Beckham go together like orange juice and toothpaste. Beckham had his worst statistcal season in the NFL last season, scoring only four touchdowns. The Browns also finished 6-10 in what was a disappointing, underachieving 2019 season. The Odell Era has been a disaster from the start and it would not come as much of a shock if he is traded.


What would be shocking would be the draft compensation mentioned in the rumored trade to the Vikings. The Browns gave up a first and third round pick as well as Jabrill Peppers for Beckham. Now, just a year later, has his value really depreciated THAT much that the Browns would be considering a trade like this? On top of that, the Vikings sent their unhappy wide receiver, Stefon Diggs packing less than a month ago for a first round pick. You could very easily make the case Odell Beckham is the more talented receiver of the two and Minnesota would be giving up less for him than what they received for Diggs.


I guess Cleveland doing something dumbfounding shouldn’t be too shocking. It’s very fitting that they released yet another set of new uniforms today that look similar to their others. Because each year, they promise something new and different only to arrive at the same shitty conclusion in the end.


For Eagles fans, they are once again up in arms Odell could be on the move, but not to Philadelphia. Every other week, Beckham’s name ends up in trade rumors yet he never actually gets shipped to the Eagles. How many times do you have to text the girl “hey” before you realize that it is never going to happen?

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