Zach LaVine Got Engaged To His High School Sweetheart And Sure She’s Hot But DAMN That Rock

It was probably a dead giveaway who wrote this headline. I wish I could stick to straightforward look at this hot chick’s best Instagram bikini shots for the clicks but when I saw that ring she got my breath was taken away, and not in a coronavirus way.

I mean that thing looks HEAVY. How do you walk around and do daily activities with that on? Do the diamonds on the side cut up your fingers?? How good of a blowjob do you have to give to get one that big? Does she give tutorials?

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.09.26 PM

Almost more impressive are how normal Zach LaVine’s nails look in this pic. He could have had hairy knuckles and the calluses of a retired coal miner and I wouldn’t have noticed next to that rock.

Anyways most people aren’t here to talk the 4 C’s of diamonds, but if we were, that is a clear as fuck minimum 5 carat princess cut. Here’s Zach’s new feyonce, Hunter Mar.

Hunter and Zach are high school sweethearts and have been together for 8 years. Once Zach signed his $78 million dollar contract, Hunter was probably thinking private helicopter ride, champagne on the beach kind of setup. With that ring I’m not sure it even matters. But kudos to Zach–it’s a great move on his part. Now they’ll always look back on this 2020 quarantine as ‘the time they got engaged’ instead of ‘a terrible national pandemic’. Plus there’s gotta be no bigger time for fucking in a relationship besides right after engagement, except for maybe first month of dating.

Maybe one final test to see if she was the one? She might have stood by him during puberty acne and living in Minnesota but 30 days into a mandated quarantine will separate the gold diggers from the ride or die bitches.

Said it a million times but girls with guy names are always hot. Hunter was destined to be a smokeshow the day she was born. The first guy she dates happens to be a hot 6’6 extremely athletic basketball player who goes on to make almost $100 million before the age of 30. The true American Dream.


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