Pregnant Woman In Atlanta Steals News Van… With Reporter Still Inside

Picture this…

A news team is on the scene reporting on a story when they hear a big crash… They look around, thinking they are about to report on a new story. And, all of a sudden their news fan starts driving away with their colleague in it…

And they become the story.

Well according to sources that seems to be almost exactly what happened down in Atlanta.

Fox29 A news crew with CBS 46 was covering a story near Atlantic Station when a woman crashed her personal vehicle into a security gate along 17th Street. Investigators said the woman then approached the news vehicle before hopping into the driver seat and taking off.”

If that isn’t a 2020 pandemic news story… I don’t know what is.

Fox29 “Investigators said a reporter, identified as Iyani Hughes, was in the back seat of the running news van, possibly editing video, when the suspect jumped in and carjacked it.”

Imagine being in the back of the van, editing a video with your headphones in. You hear the front door open and you say “hey John throw me a donut.” And then the van just takes off…

Also think about this… The reporter who was just abducted by a pregnant woman, is also pregnant.

Mind blown.

After a short joy ride the car jacker crashed the van and tried to run on foot. Surprise, surprise cops took her down immediately.

Stay in your damn homes!


Feature Image – Newsbreak

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