Mel Kiper Has Surprising Pick For the Eagles In His Most Recent Mock Draft

Mel Kiper just came out with Mock Draft 4.0, read below to see where everyone falls in the first round!

No, I’m just messing with you, this is the internet we’re not going to pay to read things. He has the Eagles taking Henry Ruggs III.

Was listening to Mel Kiper on the Golic & Wingo Show discussing this mock draft. Kiper reiterated that his mock picks aren’t based on his personal ratings, they are based on what he’s hearing around the league. So, what is he hearing that makes him think Ruggs will drop to 21?!

I saw enough episodes of Walking Dead before the show went to shit to no, nothing is ever as easy as it appears. If it’s too good to be true, it’s a trap.

It’s been a forgone conclusion for months, especially after Ruggs 40 record time at the Combine, that there were a Big 3 receivers. They were a pipe dream that weren’t making it to the Eagles pick. Now, in Kiper’s most recent mock draft, the one that debuted the same time last year and predicted Daniel Jones to the Giants, has Ruggs falling in the Eagles laps. Once people have tired of the 5G conspiracy theory, we need to pull our efforts and figured this Ruggs to the Eagles one.

Is there something wrong with Henry Ruggs hamstrings? Did his struggles against LSU worry teams? I feel like Ben Wyatt trying to figure out the Gurgich family.

As for the rest of the mock, Patrick Queen was still on the board for the Eagles but he falls to 28 with the Seahawks. Cesar Ruiz, the darling Center from Michigan is shooting up draft boards and now is getting taken in the first round. But, if the Eagles still want to go Center, Matt Hennessy is going at Pick 60 so that is still in player for our Center infatuated fan base.


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