FOX Sports MLB Did A Poll For Best Ballpark In The AL East And They Couldn’t Have Got It More Wrong

Woof. This must have been purely a poll for people that have never actually watched a game in Fenway. Boston is one of my favorite cities in the world and I love almost everything about Fenway. The history, the look, the feel, there’s just one small issue. The seats don’t even point in the right fucking direction. You sit on the first base side and you’re looking directly into right field. That or you’re breaking your neck trying to see a pitch. That’s not hating either. Ask any Red Sox season ticket holder. They will tell you how badly that place needs some renovation.

So as far as best in the AL East, negative. The best in the AL East and one of the best in the league is Camden Yards. By a mile. Place is incredible and get this, you won’t have to visit the chiropractor after a game. Lookie there. The down area around it is great, everything about that place is top notch except the team obviously.

If I had to power rank them:

  1. Camden Yards
  2. Fenway
  3. Yankee Stadium

And no one cares about the Rays or the Blue Jays.

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