BREAKING: Rumbles Around NBA, They Could Be Back By July In A Playoff Only Format

I don’t know exactly where Anthony Gargano is getting his information but let’s play the what if game. So what if the NBA did this, how would it look? What would be fan reaction?

Well 10 teams each conference means we’d see the 23-42 Hornets make the playoffs…..Ummmmmm, no thanks. I think we’re good to keep them out. Being completely honest if they are thinking of doing 2 teams getting a first round bye why not just go top 6 teams from each conference. Let’s trim some of the fat. Don’t think the East needs the 30-34 and 30-35 Nets and magic. We’re good.

Do the 6 teams and bag 5 game series. Make them all 7 or even just the semi and the finals 7 game series’.

No as far as no fans go, totally cool with that. Give me sports back anyway possible. Will it be different not having fans going bananas, sure but couldn’t care less. Pump in crowd noise if you feel it’s necessary. Just give me a safe way to get the players back on the court. If this goes any further than July the NBA, like the NHL, would almost be forced to just cancel the season completely. We’d be pushing too close to 2020/21 year to wiat any longer.

With that being said, can you imagine the NBA season ending Labor Day weekend and then starting right back up 4-6 weeks later. What a turn around time that would be. That is basically the same as hitting simulate to next season in 2K.

Here for it

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