Sports Illustrated Ranked Every NFL Team’s QB Situation And The Eagles Got Screwed

So yeah it’s SI so who really cares. Just trying to drive clicks and I guess I’m biting but I couldn’t ignore this. Look at where the Eagles got ranked here. 11 Philadelphia Eagles:

Depth chart: Carson Wentz, Nate Sudfeld, Kyle Lauletta

Despite the unfortunate timing of his playoff injury, Wentz managed to have his moment in Philadelphia last year, going for 10 touchdowns and 1 interception over the final five games with a decimated receiving corps to push the Eagles into the playoffs. His history of gutting injuries shouldn’t unfairly skew the fact that, at age 27, he is locked into a manageable long-term deal with a good head coach and a roster that should rebound.

They put the Arizona Cardinals ahead of Philly. Excuse fucking me? You’re telling me you’d take Murray, Hundley and Drew Anderson over Wentz and Sudfeld? Suck me SI. No shot. Wentz was the MVP of the league in 2017 and carried practice squad guys to the playoffs last year. Kyler Murray could never. Also the real issue isn’t even the Eagles ranking, which is a big time issue.

The #4 team……

4. Dallas Cowboys

Depth chart: Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, Clayton Thorson

Prescott led the league in defensive adjusted yards above replacement last year. He was incredibly efficient, led the league in passing yards and kept his mistake-prone moments to a minimum. The exciting part about Prescott is that we may just be scratching the surface of what the 26-year-old can accomplish.

GTFOH. 4??? Also Dak lead the league in passing yard? Ummmm no he didn’t. That would be Jameis Winston you big dumb idiots. That alone null and voids your entire article. Not knowing who lead the league in passing yards and than trying to decide the best QBs isn’t going to work for me. Beat it nerd.

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