Nascar Driver Drops A Hard N-Bomb During A Virtual Race

A lot of people are losing their jobs during this Coronavirus outbreak. You can go ahead and add Kyle Larson to that list. Guy dropped a hard N bomb. Pushed out the ER and everything. The worst part is he wasn’t mad or anything (not that that justifies it, not saying that at all) he just said it. Like oh hey, no big deal. Even the guys on the stream with him didn’t act surprised because I’m sure they are thinking “oh that’s just old Kyle being racist old Kyle.”

So RIP Kyle Larson’s career. I’m sure there are going to be a ton of jokes about rednecks and stuff after this. If I were a NASCAR fan this would drive me nuts. Some idiot is about to set the sport back 30 years. But I’m not so let it all burn.

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