Ja Morant Lets Kendrick Nunn Know Who Deserves ROY

I already blogged about who should win ROY when the NBA initially shut down and spoiler I said it was without a doubt Ja. In fact Nunn wasn’t even my number 2, it was Zion. Now Nunn had a great year and he had some hype early on but make no mistake he is very clearly in third when it comes to ROY. Unless they say Zion is ineligible because of lack of games played that is.

I’ve always said that an individual award such as an All Star vote, All NBA nod or ROY should not be based on team success. The Heat are a better team than the Grizzlies and that is not Morants fault. He is the best player on a team that is young and exceeding expectations. Nunns main argument was his team is in the playoffs so just give him the trophy, 1. that is such a misguided mindset and 2. He must not have thought it all the way through. The Grizzlies are a playoff team Kendrick. So, using Nunns definition of who should win ROY it HAS to be Ja. He is on a playoff team, is the number 1 option on his team (unlike Nunn) and just look at the stats. Morant dominated Nunn across the board.

Open and shut case, Nunn can’t improve his stock without talking because the league is shut down so I get it. He bit off more than he could chew here though.

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