Nick Wright Finally Got To Julian Edelman


On the extremely long list of national media personalities that have built their entire career on trying to trigger Boston sports fans for views and clicks, Nick Wright is perhaps the most intolerable.

Generally his potato face and nasally voice are the easiest things to target, but his recent choices in hair styling are the lowest of low hanging fruits watching any video clip of Nick Wright in 2020.

Last week with all of New England locked inside their homes with nothing else to do but watch replays of all 6 Super Bowls and still not tune into FS1, Nick mentioned Julian Edelmans name. Given it takes about 7-10 business days for anything said on FS1 to hit the internet, looks like around 2am California time Edelman came across this tweet.

Very succinct and effortless by Edelman. There’s no denying Nick’s hair looks awful. And is being called ‘bro’ by a bro like Edelman the most emasculating insult of all time? He didn’t even use a “bruh” or “brah” just a hard-O at the end there.

Probably the best decision for Nick would have been to just leave it alone. Take the hairline joke from a Super Bowl MVP on the extremely oval shaped chin. That’s not how you get down as on FS1. Responding to trolling, blue check mark or not is part of the job.

A very rich comeback for a Chiefs fan there Nick. Officially the first person to ever type ducking on their phone without needing autocorrect. Bad boy Jules putting a bad stain on the NFL with that misdemeanor vandalism and public ‘intox rap’.


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