I Told You Booker Would Win The NBA 2K Players Only Tournament And Look What Happened

Just like I said over a week ago (click here for that post) Devin Booker is going to win the 2K Players only tourney on ESPN and what happened? Book won the whole thing and made me money. Hopefully you weren’t a chump and when I blogged who I had winning it all you laid the kids college fund on Book.

I don’t know what else to say. Whether it is betting on which NBA player would win an impromptu 2K tournament while knowing next to nothing about if most of the players play 2K or even game or if it is me giving you picks each week about the LCS no one and I mean NO ONE is better at this shit than me. Other than the fact no other blogger on the face of this planet blogs about esport betting, the numbers just don’t lie. I’m fucking nice with this shit.

Remember that when ESPN, FOX and dumbass Darren Rovell want to tweet about esports. You remember who their daddy is.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them putting an effort in but if they want a spot at the grown up table they gotta put their 10,000 hours in.

This is what I do and don’t you forget it.

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