First Ever Chip Off Live Stream Has Given Us A Winner


Today we had our Chip Off head to head live stream starring CEO Joe and KMess. If you want to watch the full live stream click the link above. There were ups, there were downs. Friendships were almost ruined and laughs were had. Most importantly drinks were shared and several balls were hit.

If you are just catching up with everything through this blog I suggest watching all of the videos I slaved over making but if you wanna be that guy I can break it down quickly.

CEO Joe “Old Man” Popoleo went head to head against Kevin “Vacation Guy” Messina in a chip off. 10 shots per set, 10 sets. That is 100 shots for our Philly readers. Along with the the golfing there was constant trash talk and banter by 2 friends of 40 plus years (they’re both wildly old). I’d argue what we accomplished today was very important for the human race in general. No not the shitty golf shots, the #FlashDanceChug. That’s right, we have invented our very own drinking game once this quarantine is all over.

Make sure you send us pictures and videos of trying the #FlashDanceChug. If you don’t have an hour to spare to watch the entire live stream don’t fret. I put together a highlight video and that is over on our YouTube page but you can watch that right here. Make sure to Like and Subscribe.

Stay tuned, this is NOT the first and only Chip Off. We are looking to put together a Chip Off tournament with some of your favorite Branded personalities along with some other Philly personalities.

Last I want to give a huge shout out to our sponsor Total Cryo. Make sure you check them out on Instagram below and support them and all other local businesses while all of this quarantine shit is going down.

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Ok ok last Spotlight 🌟My Turn 🙋‍♂️ ❄️Cryo & T-Shock Certified I’m a 41 year old soccer dad ⚽️ @parushsoccer born and raised in Doylestown who graduated from CB West @cbwboyssoccer & University of Scranton @scrantonmenssoccer . 🖥 After working corporate in the tech industry for 15 years I’m now the proud owner of a cryo studio where I freeze around 45 people a day for 3 minutes to help them feel better physically & mentally. Who would’ve thunk? 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😷Quarantine Favs: 💪🏽Doing T25 w/Shaun T everyday @beachbody 🥩 🇮🇹 Started Keto Guido @ketoguido 💃 Dowloaded Tik Tok & been having fun watching my fiancé ❤️Michelle @misia417 Try to master that “I’m a Savage” dance.. 🤣 Want to know more? Check out my Gif Story, Dm me, or google me : Kyle Zorzi Stay Cool & Safe Everyone -Kyle . #smallbusinesshelp #fitnessmotivation #fitness #entrepreneur #fitmotivation #homebusiness #fitnessjourney #growingbusiness #gym #gymmotivation #ownbusiness #fitnesslove #smallbusinessowners #smallbusinessowner #newbusiness #prouddad #dadlife #fatherlife #fitfam #gymlife #workout #shopify #daddytime #boydad #fit #dadslife

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