Zhuri James Is Now The LeBron James Of Her Own Family

Most of what LeBron does off the court and between the whistles of an actual game is painfully cringeworthy. Between Taco Tuesdays and his 259 consecutive Instagram stories in his car or at the gym singing, no one would exactly call LeBron James a social media sensation.

Lucky enough, there’s already one of those in the James family. And her name is Zhuri.


Like watching Beyonce in the early days of Destiny’s Child when no one gave a fuck about who else was in the group as long as Queen Bey was there. That split at the beginning? That has 20 million tik tok followers written all over it. Those 15 year old dancing chicks should be shaking in their boots with talent like that coming up the pipeline.

3 months ago Zhuri launched her own Youtube channel, All Things Zhuri, where she continues to pump out content. Making smoothies, baking cupcakes and cracking jokes. Soon enough I’m willing to bet Zhuri has a higher net worth than LeBron with all the sponsorships she’s about to get. Youtube is way more profitable than the NBA right now.

Here you can watch her completely steal the spotlight from her lame dad. Comedic timing is impeccable, something her co-star could take a few notes on.

LeBron may be one of the most controversially debated sports figures in terms of likability…but what everyone seems to agree on is that Zhuri James is the star of the James family.




Sorry Riley Curry, but right now Zhuri is the GOAT NBA kid.


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