There Are Millions Of Chicken Wings That Need To Be Eaten


Finally a positive out of cancelling the March Madness tourney. I mean besides saving thousands of lives. That’s obvious but this might be right up there with it. Apparently wings costed roughly $2 per pound around the time of the Super Bowl and now are running you only about $1.09. That is a spicy deal. This means there should be some mean wing sales happening out there people. This is our time.

Actually while we’re chatting about wings I need to ask a question. How’s anyone else ever wondered how we have enough chickens? I wonder that all the time. Like we have to eat roughly a billion chickens each day, how do we still have enough chickens? It doesn’t make any sense. Quick google search tells me we don’t eat chickens until they are like 14 weeks old. There is no way we can grow(?) enough chickens in time to keep up with the demand of meat. Impossible. Also we eat their eggs too. None of this makes any sense to me and I’d love for it to be explained. Thank you.

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