ThePennestri gets in his first piece of Barstool Content! With BrandonfuckingWalker! #PennestriForPortnoy


That is right mother fuckers! You know what the fuck is going down. The biggest moment of my life to date that’s what. Yes your boy has Fa-nagled his way into a piece of Barstool Content… I got a (joke) interview for Barstool, and that video aired today.

Watch Video Here:

How in the fuck did you get in a Barstool Video with Brandon Walker?

I emailed Brandon Walker about 200 times in a row.httpsyoutu.bePQrosqG-J7g.jpeg

Brandon Walker being a Barstool employee would enjoy all this passion right? I mean, someone who wants something so bad they are willing to sit there and spam your inbox, that takes some balls don’t it? I deserve some recognition from BWalk right? He had to have appreciated this passion…



This man had the balls to tell me to stop. You believe the nuts on this guy? No wonder he is the 73rd most liked Barstool employee.

Now when you are really putting your self out there, especially to someone who you look up to. Someone you watch every day. Someone who gives you hope and makes you want to chase your dreams. When that person tells you to “Stop” in response of trying to get their attention.. There is only one thing you can do… Be honest.


That’s right Brandon Fucking Walker. I will Never FUCKING STOP! You thought asking politely would save you? “Please stop Dan, my poor inbox” Fuck you buddy. I am going to fucking live in your email. Every time I make a piece of content…

WOOSH x 100

Right there in your fucking inbox Bwalk. I will intern at Barstool and I will live in your emails until that day comes. Block my email and I make another.

Consider your email to be my new website. If anyone wants to know or see anything Dan Pennestri, just log into Brandon Walkers iCloud and go to inbox. That is my new website.

Game on Bwalk, We will speak again.



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