Andrew McCutchen Does The Greatest Mickey Mouse Impression You’ll Ever Hear

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Quarantine is making Cutch lose it from phillies

That’s insanely good. I actually watched this 3 times in a row trying to figure out if I was being duped or not. But that’s legit the greatest Mickey Mouse impression you’ll ever see/hear in your life. And I feel for McCutchen. I am too quarantined with a toddler and let me tell you something, it’s a bananas how hard it is. You’d think little kid, how tough could it really be? Toss a few Cheerios at them and they’re all good right? Wrong.

Every day my first thought is “alright, only 4 hour until nap time.” I know that’s a tough read but it’s the truth. I love my daughter, she’s my world. But being trapped in a hosue with her having to watch Frozen and Mickey Mouse’s Club House all day is cruel and unusual punishment. Do I enjoy the extra time with her. Of course. But this isn’t extra time, this is all the time. I’m not built for this. Mark my words. The moment this ends, I’m giving the people that work at her day care a FAT bonus. You ladies are truly doing God’s work.

Stay strong Cutch

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