Zoom Chronicles: Guy Sharpens a Hatchet Shirtless

Here we go again, it seems like everyday there’s a new phsycopath doing something absolutely reckless over Zoom.

On this week’s addition, we have a shirtless Temple student sharpening his hatchet for his professor.


What the fuck is going on here? Santa Claus is worried about the wrong thing here. This professor needs to worry a little less about why his student is shirtless.  He needs to focus on why his student is sharpening a hatchet on a Zoom call.

Temple University never ceases to amaze me. As a Temple student, seeing fucked up shit is second nature to me. I mean honestly whether your on campus or strictly all online, the university is a circus.

Tech Support Parker has no business sharpening his hatchet shirtless in his dungeon frat basement in this Zoom meeting.

Then there’s this:

What the fuck is going on in the Fox School of Business Zoom classes? Not only does Temple have tools shirtless sharpening tools, but they also have sex bots popping in classes offering to Rate your Cock for $20. Thanks but no thanks, I don’t need a sex bot to remind me I have a 5 inch piece.

Zoom is a shit show plain in simple. It’s funny i’m actually in the midst of writing a 15 page research paper on why Zoom is a privacy nightmare. Zoom has just become an academic version of Omegle.


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