The Carolina Panthers Just Ended The Atlanta Falcons Season

Welp, that’s it. Season over. Pack it up Falcons, no coming back from this. Quick questions, is there any other NFL franchise that gets dragged over and over again worse than Atlanta? I know we can all point at the Browns but I mean no team makes their fans hate them more than the Falcons. The had the 28-3 blown Super Bowl that they will never be able to shake, their owner looks like a super villain.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank's face during Super Bowl captures ...

And now this. They drop brand new God awful jerseys and the Pantehrs are dunking all over them. THE PANTHERS! The team just let Cam Newton go for some frat kid and they are shitting all over Atlanta. Yikes. That’s a tough day at the office if you’re a Falcon. Go back to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

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