Chicago Bulls (Somehow) Considering Bryan Colangelo For Their Top Basketball Ops Role

In a year full of ridiculous headlines, how could this possibly be one of them.

Bryan Colangelo was only given his last NBA position based on sheer nepotism alone. It was a complete disaster even before his wife’s burner account scandal, one of the worst scandals in NBA history. He shouldn’t be considered for jobs in YMCA Men’s Leagues much less the NBA.

His interview with the Bulls comes almost four years to the day of Sam Hinkie being forced out of the Sixers front office by Bryan’s father, Jerry. They had an illegitimate interview process to fill Hinkie’s role and then Jerry named his son Hinkie’s successor.

Nothing but disaster and instability followed.

His wife’s burner account scandal, which featured multiple twitter accounts divulging private team medical information and disses of Star players, was a blessing and disguise. Even though Josh (spineless coward) Harris was hesitant to fire Colangelo , they finally agreed to part ways a few weeks after the scandal.

The damage was already done. He had destroyed everything Hinkie set out to accomplish and BC helped make the Sixers the middling Eastern Conference team they are today.

The Bulls would be morons to hire Bryan Colangelo. But alas, Bulls ownership is composed of morons, so it should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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