Yannick Ngakoue Throws Shade at His Current (Soon to be Former) Team

Yannick Ngakoue hopped on NFL Live today and any time he gets a media platform, its grab your popcorn entertainment. It’s not necessarily because he may be the best edge rusher in the NFL, but more so because he openly rips the Jacksonville Jaguars every chance he gets. Nobody has hated their employer this much since Horrible Bosses came out and the entire plot was trying to kill them. So, when Ngakoue got on NFL Live, he threw some shade the Jags way:


Most Eagles fans see this, looking at the comments about winning culture and see it as an endorsement of where he hopes to end up. Make no mistake about it, the guy seems enamored with Philly. No one has been this passionate about ending up with someone like Yannick is with the Eagles since Timmy Turner wanted Trixie Tang. But alas, this has much more to do with the lack of culture in Jacksonville. It’s more so a diss of his current team than praise of where he hopes to be. Once again the Jags are in a position where an uber talented player would rather not play football at all, than play in Jacksonville. Allen Robinson left. Jalen Ramsey forced his way out. Yannick Ngakoud isn’t far behind.


As for the Eagles, damn would it be awesome if they landed dude. But it’s a pipedream (for both parties). Multiple NFL analysts have stated they expect it to take a first round pick to land the defensive end because he just turned 25, will be signed to an extension, and is obviously a stud. In any other year, I say yes to sacrificing a first for a player of this caliber. It just so happens that this year, it can’t be swung. Not in the draft being touted as the greatest wide receiver draft OF ALL TIME which coincides with the Eagles blatant desperation for any receiver of note.


Maybe if those alleged Alshon trade rumors came to fruition it would be a different story. But, unfortunately for Yannick he’s still stuck with the sad sack Jacksonville culture (for now)




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