Eagles Have Been Trying To Trade Alshon Jeffery Since October 2019

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Wow. It’s no secret that the Eagles would love to get out of the Alshon contract but still a little shocking to hear that they’ve been shopping him for that long.

BGN: “It didn’t take long before Howie Roseman realized that he had made a mistake when he guaranteed Alshon Jeffery’s salary for 2020 just before last season.

The Eagles general manager began actively shopping Jeffery about a month later, NFL sources told The Inquirer, as the wide receiver’s production waned, his injuries mounted, and he became implicated as the anonymous source behind disparaging comments about the team to ESPN.

Jeffery had become aware that he was on the market and was troubled by the mixed messages he had received from the team, a source close to the receiver said.”

The team will find it next to impossible to find a trade partner at this point. His cap hit is high and the 2020 draft will not help either. This class is loaded with wide receiver talent. Any team looking to improve their pass catchers will most definitely look to do so through the draft before trading for a 30+ receiver. Can’t imagine they want to take a $15 million cap hit to cut a player but they might be heading down that road. Especially with all the Wentz and Alshon rumors.

Let’s just pray they get a game changing receiver.

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