This Is The Losers Bracket But I Only Have Winners, Esports Betting Guide Playoffs Round 2 Game 1

The first 2 games of LCS playoffs are done and guess who can’t stop being right? You guessed it. Hopefully you’ve been betting with me don’t worry we aren’t stopping now so if you haven’t there is still time. I’m 7-1 for my last 8 and that doesn’t include the C9 vs 100T game because that was just too easy. This blog we are only doing the first game from the Losers bracket, like usual for the weekends games I’ll post that blog on Friday. They don’t have lines on the TSM vs 100T game yet so you’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

Updated record I am 18-11.

First is Tuesdays game between Golden Guardians (6) +160 and Flyquest (4) -225. These two are tied 1-1 in the season series but GG just beat Flyquest in week 9 to keep Fly from getting the 2 seed. I think with the way GG played in week 9, specifically how Golden Glue played I’m leaning GG. I think these teams are a lot closer than people give them credit and with recent events in mind I say take Golden Guardians. I don’t think GG will tear off some crazy run after this and make it to finals and I don’t think this series will be a stomp. This is going to be very close, probably 5 games but GG will win and make you rich.

Golden Guardians +160

Full disclosure I do have money on this going to a game 5, I won’t count it if I win or lose but that’s just a nice little extra bit of action for you.

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