Lenny Dykstra Is Offering To Sexually Please Isolated And Frustrated Women

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I mean, what can’t Lenny do? The guy made a living off hitting bombs. Takes a man’s man to smack a baseball a billion feet when it’s being thrown at you 95 mph. So you’d think in his post playing career he’d be chopping wood or bending steel with his bare hands. But instead he’s turned himself into the male version of Dr. Ruth. Offering up his sexual service techniques at no cost at all. In this down economy that is exactly what the people need.

All but 6 states are now stay in states. That means there is a lot of 1 on 1 time for the lovers of the world. How many of those women aren’t getting the proper attention they deserve? Even if the number is only like 20% (which it’s not, it’s at least triple that) that would still be roughly 30 MILLION women that need some good loving. Lenny is doing his part for the American people. Some say he’s doing more for them than the government.

Personally I think Lenny should do live webinars teaching the men of America how it’s done. Could you imagine how many people would tune in? We’re talking millions on millions of eyes balls glued. Lenny Dykstra puts asses in seats and in his mouth too, but that’s the advanced lessons.

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