Bryce Harper Basically Says The Phillies Have To Resign JT Realmuto

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It’s no secret that Bryce Harper is a big time JT Realmuto guy. He’s been calling him the best catcher in baseball for years now. So obviously he wants him in Philadelphia for the long haul. It’s also no secret that the entire Phillies fan base couldn’t agree more. If you ask any Phillies fan they will tell you the deal needs to get done. But ownership doesn’t care about fan opinions and honestly they shouldn’t. Fans are emotional and react on that, but when your star player comes out and says you need to do it. You better listen. And that’s exactly what Harper is saying here:

NBC Sports Philly: “I think the Phillies organization absolutely loves J.T. and our team absolutely loves him as well,” Harper said. “He’s the best catcher in baseball. He’s a great person. He’s a great family man. He’s a guy that we need in our clubhouse. I think the Phillies fans understand that as well. Us as an organization, we have to understand that he’s going to help us in the years to come and if you want the best catcher in baseball then we’ll make that happen.

“But at this time, of course, it’s shut down, but I don’t think anybody should fear us not getting J.T. back. I want him more than anything, so I mean it’s something we need to make happen as an organization. But you know when that time comes, then (GM Matt) Klentak and (managing partner John) Middleton will make that decision and hopefully, he’s back in Phillies red.”

The last thing this organization needs is Bryce Harper annoyed with the front office. JT is he best catcher in the league, offensively and defensively. Get the deal done. Keep your star happy so he draws in other stars. Realmuto and Harper can be staples in this line up for the next 8-10 years. We haven’t seen that since Howard and Utley. Do the deal and give us something to cheer about during this quarantine before we all lose our minds.

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