Best Way To Beat The Rona Is To Lie On The Internet About It


First couple things about this tweet that we should mention. Number 1 being Aubrey Huff is tweeting it and no one likes him so he has no sources. Number 2 Aubrey is a big MAGA guy so if he had sources, he doesn’t, they wouldn’t be from CNN. Number 3 the dead bodies and people getting sick kind of ruin the whole “coronavirus is fake” theory.

Aubrey isn’t making the ENTIRE tweet up, though. If you guys didn’t know there is an asteroid that is supposed to pass by Earth (at a harmless distance) at the end of the month. The asteroid we are talking about is 1998 OR2 and the closest it will get is 3.9 MILLION MILES. That is on average about 16 times farther than the Moon is from Earth. Aubrey does have Google though so like I said among his lies he is right that if this asteroid were to hit Earth it would do insane amounts of damage.

I think other than a combination of trying to freak people when the asteroid doesn’t hit he can call CNN fake news for giving him this whole asteroid story. Big MAGA guy, fake news. You get the point. Not that I think the government would come out and by like “Hey we got 3 weeks left guys maybe we pack it up”, but the idea that locking us all up in our homes where all we can do is be on the internet is a weird way to hide us from an asteroid hitting Earth.

If anyone is still concerned about this random asteroid that we have been tracking for decades you should just know that the planet Venus will be closer to Earth in June of this year. This is a best of both worlds kind of blog for me though. Either A. I’m right or B. I’m wrong and the asteroid hits us and we all die. That is what we call a win win.

Here is a video from February of an asteroid that was even closer than the one Aubrey is talking about.

If interested I found this video showing asteroids “near” us in the last 20 years.

Featured image.

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