Kobe Bryant Has Been A Hall Of Famer For 20 Years But Now It’s Official

Before Kobe even stepped on an NBA basketball court people were probably arguing if he was a Hall of Famer or not. Truth is that was all decided way before he won 5 championships, scored 81 points or hit those free throws on a torn achilles. You could name the NBA Hall of Fame after him and only see a handful of ‘overrated’ tweets about it.

On what people will always remember as the 17th Tuesday of 2020, Kobe Bryant was officially inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. It’s about damn time. I’m not going to go into detail about all his crazy stats and accomplishments, wax poetic with stories about how much of a competitor he was. I’m sure Bleacher Report has you covered if you’re looking for that.

I’m just heartbroken that we won’t get to hear that Hall of Fame speech. Don’t get to see Gigi beaming in the audience watching her dad deliver another inspiring, clutch performance . Robbed of the ultimate Shaq and Kobe reunion. Another awkward Magic Johnson meme to get us through the next year. One more Mamba out.

For me and probably a lot of other Kobe fans, there will always be a grey cloud over all these moments that Kobe worked his entire life for. Much like his greatest moments, it still doesn’t feel real. Hopefully it gets easier, less painful, and I’ll truly get to enjoy everything he gave us. He just deserved to be here to celebrate.


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