NBA Players Only 2K20 Tournament Starts Tonight

Blog announcing tournament.

If you forgot about this don’t worry the original blog is linked above. Quick refresher, the NBA partnered with 2K and ESPN to broadcast a players only tournament to find out who the best NBA gamer is. Like everything in life there are betting odds and like everything at Branded I am here to help. Here is the bracket.

The betting lines are as follows.

  1. Devin Booker +300
  2. KD +450
  3. Donavan Mitchell +600
  4. Trae Young, Patrick Beverley amd Derrick Jones Jr. +700
  5. Hassan Whiteside +800
  6. Zach Lavine +1000
  7. Rui, Harrison Barnes +1200
  8. Andre Drummond, Montrezl Harrell +1400
  9. Michael Porter +1600
  10. Sabonis +1800

I’m not going to come out and lie and act like I know exactly how these lines were made or how good all of these guys are at 2K. What I do know is that Devin Booker is known for being good at other games and that rumor has it KD is nice. I don’t have information on which team they’re using but I imagine they’ll be using the team they play for.

I think if you want to take a “long shot” you go Mitchell. I know he is pretty good at other games and at +600 you’ll get a nice little pay out. Personally you could convince me of taking KD. All he has done for a year now is prepare for this tournament and he will most likely be using his team which he is on and we all know KD is nice in every 2k ever. I think when you factor team talent in KD becomes the clear pick but my money is going elsewhere.

Devin Booker is nice at other games and there is a reason he has the best odds here. This is a risk because I don’t know how much 2K he plays especially recently with Warzone coming out a few weeks ago but I’m backing Book. He is the best gamer and from someone who is nice at 2k back in my day I can just see it in Devin. He is winning this tournament, itsofacto he is paying my rent this week.

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