Are the Eagles Interested in Devonta Freeman?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic going on (you may have heard of it), it has slowed down life in the NFL much like life itself. Free agents that would likely have otherwise been signed are stuck in limbo like the fish who escape at the end of Finding Nemo, There are some legitimate, big names left and some could be in play for the Eagles.


I’m not talking about Cam Newton, that would be a disaster and poor Howard Eskin would kill himself if a LOSER like Cam showed up in town. A big (biggish?) name still out there that may help out? Devonta Freeman.


If you like in-depth and knowledgeable analysis of the Eagles and not hot take bull shit like certain media stations (not naming names but what’s 102.8 – 8.7), I would recommend Inside the Birds podcast with Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan. This week, they were recapping what’s left on the checklist as the Eagles fill out their roster. Wide receiver is obvious. Would be great to have a linebacker not named Nate Gerry. But, an underrated position of need is an RB2.


During the podcast, Caplan mentions Spencer Ware as a name of interest for Howie and the Eagles. But, he lights up when Geoff Mosher suggests Devonte Freeman. And why wouldn’t he?!


The only concern with Freeman is his slight injury history. Aside from that, he’s 28 so he’s got a few good years left in the tank. One of his best strengths is pass catching and burst, which is great for a team like the Eagles who screen opponents to death. Last season in 14 games, he averaged 13 carries a game. At this point, he’s not far off from being an RB2 anyway. Even in his prime, he split time with Tevin Coleman. Freeman would be the perfect complement to Miles Sanders with Boston Scott playing the classic Sprolesian RB3 role. In every season with Doug Pederson, it’s been a backfield with a staggered committee approach. Maybe it’s the fantasy football nerd in me talking, but it seems like Freeman could fill this backfield out nicely for 2020.


Devonta Freeman also has one of the best Hard Knocks scenes of all time. It is so pure watching him get excited about putting a bench press in his apartment closet…before they pan to his teammate’s indoor pool surrounded by palm trees.

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