LaMelo Ball Just Bought A NBL Team.. Wait What?


LaMelo is probably going to be a Top 5 pick in this years draft and if you’ve been living under a rock you might not know that he decided not to go to college and instead went to play pro ball in Australia. He signed with the Illawarra Hawks and today he just bought that team. Not something he was going to be able to do after one year at UCLA that’s for sure.

I have a lot of question marks about Melo as a player and I think he has the potential to be the best Ball brother but he is playing in a league that isn’t really known as being super competitive and honestly Im not checking for some Aussie basketball most nights. With that being said, I love the move of him skipping college, fuck the NCAA, and I love this move. I’m sure he’s going to be pretty hands off and his manager will probably handle most of the ownership responsibilities while Melo is in the NBA.

I can’t see any issues the NBA would have with this because the NBL doesn’t really have any connection with the NBA. All players should be investing their money and if you have a chance to own a team you take that chance. We all know LeBron is jealous of Melo here. He has to wait to retire to own a team, LaMelo is out here skipping a few steps.

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