Former Redskins Cornerback Trashes Ronald Darby Signing

It should come as no surprise that even in a sport stoppage; the Washington Redskins have managed to create negative headlines surrounding the team. Let’s specify WHICH negative headline around the Redskins we need to focus on. Not the fact they are holding Trent Williams hostage. Last week, Washington signed former Eagle fan headache, Ronald Darby. The week before, they dealt Quinton Dunbar to the Seahawks, thus essentially making Darby his replacement. Dunbar was less than thrilled with the move.


The fact that THIS picture exists doesn’t help the argument I’m about to make…


BUT Ronald Darby isn’t THAT bad. His biggest issue with the Eagles was health. An Eagles player struggling with injuries? Yeah, imagine that. But Darby dislocated his foot literally his first game as a Bird. He tore his ACL the following year. Then, he had soft tissue issues stemming from the ACL injury this past year. If he’s healthy, he’s adequate.

Darby’s production isn’t the issue but the value of the deal sure as hell as is. Dunbar raises a good point; they are only paying slightly less for Darby than they would have for Dunbar, a stud corner who they traded for a late round pick. And then by inking Darby to that deal, they landed the Eagles a compensatory pick.

With nothing else sports-wise to focus on, NFL Free Agency has been at the forefront. You can tell the bad teams from the good ones based on how GM’s have handled this period. The NFL is like any Planet Earth documentary you’ve ever seen. The strong just eat the weak alive. Teams like Washington and Jacksonville, they always seem to be the gazelle limping into a lion’s mouth.

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