Catch Allen Iverson’s Career-High Game Vs The Magic Tonight

Now we’re talking. Old school Allen Iverson doing nothing but dropping buckets all over the place. Iverson was in his prime right as I hit that phase where you start really following sports. Every sports fan knows what I mean. When you’re in like middle school and you go from “let’s go Sixers!!” To knowing all the players in the league and how they match up with your squad. Iverson was the guy I got to watch every night during that time of my life which is amazing timing. Every night I was glued to my tv because he legitimately made me say “how did he do that?” Every game. He was amazing and I remember this game. I remember watching this in my room on the edge of my bed, leaning into my 24 inch big box tv. I remember immediately picking up my dreamcast controller the second this was over and playing NBA 2k4.

I for one will be glued to my tv again tonight. Shaking my head in disbelief as he pulls off move after move that don’t look fair. God I miss watching AI play.

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