Breaking News: Cowboys Make Dak Highest Paid Player In The NFL!

The Cowboys and Dak have been negotiating for sometime now. The sides have not been able to reach a deal and Jerry eventually tagged the QB.

Image – lastword

Welp… It seems as though as of today, April 1st the Cowboys have their “franchise QB” locked down for the next year and beyond.

The Cowboys are signing Dak to a lifetime deal. He will be the team’s QB until he is put into a nursing home. The deal will make sure he is the highest paid player every season, forever.

Image – Hiptoro

So, if Mahomes signs a $45 Million a year deal… Dak’s deal will automatically kick in and pay him $46 million! And so on…

The deal also Guarantees that the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl and all of us Cowboys fans will have to continue to live in the 90’s.

Happy April Fool’s Day.


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