Will We Get To See Jeter Inducted Into the Hall Of Fame This Summer?

The CoronaVirus has literally put the world on hold. It has postponed and cancelled so many of the sports that we love. A March Madness that we will never get back…

When it comes to baseball, so much… Like many things are still up in the air. Opening Day was supposed to be last Thursday. Us Yankees fans were supposed to be celebrating Gerrit Cole’s debut in Baltimore. (Probably something like 8 innings, 12 strikeouts, 0 walks, 0 runs in a 9-0 win.)

But instead we can only watch a video of him having a catch with his wife.

Will baseball start by June? Will they be forced to play in empty stadiums? Will the season be only 100 or less games? Could the World Series be played in December? So many questions that we just can’t answer yet.

And, that got me to thinking. What about the Hall or Fame? What about Jeter? It’s bad enough that one idiot didn’t vote for him to put him in unanimously. But now, will we even see him go in this year?

The Hall of Fame induction is supposed to take place on July 26th.

There’s nothing like a weekend in Cooperstown, and this summer’s induction would truly be unlike any before… When thousands of Bombers fans hit the town to celebrate their Captain.

There has yet to be any sort of announcement about the Hall of Fame yet. So let’s just hope by July 26th the country and the world is back to some what normalcy.

…And what better way to celebrate the end of our quarantine than with the Captain going into the Hall!!

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