Tommy John Likely For Seranthony Dominguez

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Woof, tough start to another quarantined day. Last night per Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer it was reported that Seranthony Dominguez has been recommended for Tommy John.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “It has been suggested to Dominguez that he undergo a reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, a source close to the Phillies reliever said Monday evening. The procedure, commonly known as Tommy John surgery, typically sidelines a pitcher for at least 12 months.”

The decision on whether or not Dominguez will actually do the surgery or not has apparently not been made. But due to the timing of this latest development, he’ll have to make that choice rather quickly. Every day that Seranthony waits is adding time on the back end of his recovering. Met’s ace, Noah Syndergarrd just elected to have Tommy John and is all ready being ruled out into 2021. If Dominguez wants to minimize the amount of time he spends sided lined he’ll have to get the procedure done and done quickly.

Which brings us back to our biggest issue, timing. Currently, with the uncertainty of our world, many doctors have stopped all elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many states have completely banned electives all together. So we could be looking at a perfect storm situation for Dominguez. All and all this could end up costing him nearly three total seasons. Still some decisions to be made but not a great start to the season for the Phillies.

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