Golf Courses Should be Considered an Essential Business

I am dying to get back out on the course, and it doesn’t seem like that will be a possibility with the stay at home order extended another month, and possibly longer.

Golf trick shots are becoming the new fad right now. Everyone and their mothers are trying to hit a ping pong ball into a cup in their living room.

At first I thought these videos were cool, but after the millionth time of seeing the same shot in a different variation I’m over it. Mostly because I know my short game is so fucking bad I would never be able to make any type of trick shot, let alone a hit a green.

But watching all of these trick shot videos really have me dying to play golf. I don’t understand why golf courses aren’t open in Pennsylvania. They are without a doubt in my mind an essential business in a crisis like this. Now don’t get me wrong, I realize we are in a global pandemic and everyone needs to stay away from each other and not spread the virus. But c’mon, the golf course is the least likely place to spread this shit out of everything currently open.

There’s a stay at home order, but people are still allowed to go outside. So how is a golf course any different from going on a walk. A golf course is the epitome of social distancing. Your on a huge piece of land, with zero interaction with a fucking sole (besides the players in your group). I should absolutely be deleting beers and darts all while shooting a 120 right now.

I mean it’s totally doable to have these courses open. Book all tee times online, close the pro shop. Have all the carts sanitized after each use, and just show the ranger a confirmation email for your tee time. Simple.

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