AT LAST!!! Something to Look Forward Too!


Finally something to be excited about, with everything thats going on us sports fans have something to entertain us! ESPN has finally made the smart decision to move the release date up for Micheal Jordans 10-part documentary. It was originally scheduled for sometime in June, but is now being aired on Sunday April 19th!

There has been absolutely nothing to be excited about in the sports world, until this news. When I heard that ESPN was changing the date I was going fucking nuts. This documentary is going to be absolute fuckin gold. April 19th we are all going to watch greatness, this documentary is going to show us everything! For me I have never truly watched Micheal Jordan play basketball. I grew up in the Lebron James Era so it’s going to be so fuckin cool to watch this documentary. I really don’t give a shit who your goat is, this is not a time to discuss that. This is a time to sit down and watch some really cool shit!

Sure im going to hear my dad say over 100x that MJ is better than Lebron. Im not going to argue, im just going to tell the old head 1v1 me in the driveway.  In a pickup game to 6 (both out of shape.) The loser of that game will be nicely asked to leave the fuckin room. My friends wont agree with you on this, but they are just jealous I get it, but im really good at fuckin pickup ball. My dad will simply stand no chance, and will no longer to be able to watch the documentary. Lets hope I don’t have to do this and we can both enjoy the film!

Trailer below:

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