Tik Tok Of The Week- The Time Traveling Titanic

As you can tell we are all  missing sports. Before quarantine I never thought I would download Tik Tok. I thought anyone over 18 on Tik Tok was a loser. Well, not only have I downloaded the app but I myself have done a Tok.

My short comings don’t matter! The point of this blog is I am out of content and I expect to be out of it at a minimum of once a week so I had this genius idea. A new series based around the fastest growing and most popular app that is out right now. That’s right Vine Tik Tok! RIP Vine, never forget.

I had the idea after watching this video and it just gave me an overwhelming urge to look into it.

Thats right, your favorite movie about a sinking cruise ship is actually a sci-fi flick about time travel.

We start off a little shaky to be honest. The video claims that Jack was gambling for a ticket because he didn’t have any money from that time period. Which is possible because from the looks of it the UK has changed their currency 600 times in the last 100 years but he could’ve just been a broke bitch who wanted to go on a cruise.

Next we get some real wild shit. If you remember Jack is from Wisconsin. In the movie Jack says he he went ice fishing at Lake Wissota (the lake is next to the town Jack grew up in), the Titanic sank in 1912 which would make it IMPOSSIBLE for Jack to go fishing there. The lake is a man made lake that wasn’t formed until 1917! Jack also talks about riding roller coasters at the Santa Monica pier but there wasn’t any roller coasters there until 1916! Those are the two instances where there is hard evidence to go towards the theory of Jack being a time traveler. Of course it could just be bad research from the film crew but believe in something for once in your life damnit!

Admittedly the next couple are pretty flimsy if you ask me. Jack having a hair style that wasn’t popular is circumstantial at best. People have weird haircuts all the time and that is from any era. It helps the case when presented with the previous evidence but I’m not sold on this one. The filtered cigarette theory might be true but it could be just a mistake by the crew. Holds more water than the hair, though.

The last part is just out of this world. Some people who buy into this theory think that Jack went back in time to save Rose because Rose is Sarah Connors great grandma. Yes the Sarah Connor from the Terminator. They’re both James Cameron movies and they did come out around the same time (10ish years apart) but it seems like such a stretch. I love the effort and maybe I’m missing something but I don’t know how we make that connection between the two. If I didn’t already buy into the theory that Jack from the Titanic ended up surviving and becoming the guy from The Great Gatsby I might have looked over this entirely but I really like movie theories like these.

So, what do we think? Is it just poor writing/mistakes from the crew or was this all just an elaborate plan by James Cameron and we’re only now catching on? I’ll talk to Leo at the next Super Talented And Great Looking Guys meeting but we decided to hold off on all upcoming meetings until further notice due to the virus.

Link to the guy who made the Tik Toks page.

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