Drake Finally Posted Pictures Of His Son

All it took was a global viral pandemic, but we finally have our first look at Drake’s son. Unless you maybe have done as many virtual child simulations with Drake as I have, you probably had no idea what to expect. But obviously little Adonis is fucking adorable.

Between the blonde hair, the chubby cheeks and the blue? eyes…he’s undoubtedly cute even for those of us who find children revolting (couldn’t be me). He even shared a family photo with the amateur porn star baby mama. Perhaps this was an apology post for incessantly flirting with Rihanna in the IG live comments over the weekend.

While we love an inspirational Instagram post to try and help us persevere this quarantine, what we really deserve is a new album. Social distancing Drake is bound to give us a few more platinum hits. Adonis’ Room is the new Marvin’s Room.


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