Did You Think I Forgot About The Tiebreaker Games? Esports Betting Guide

We have a 3 way tie for the final playoff spot and a 3 way tie for second place. All that means is we have money to make. By the end of today we will know who is in the LCS Spring Playoffs and you’ll have your mortgage payment for next month. To end the regular season we went 1-1 on regular picks and I was right about my lock of the week which puts us at 13-11 for the split.

Immortals Vs Dignitas -170

I really want to pick Immortals here. For starters I love underdogs and plus money but this is a real pick and not just a value pick that means nothing. Immortals lost both of their games this weekend including one vs Dig. Not to mention the other time Dig played Immortals (Week 5) they absolutely murdered them. Expect Dig Vs Golden Guardians for the final playoff spot.

Flyquest Vs 100 Thieves -150

Flyquest had a chance to take sole possession of 2nd place yesterday and fumbled vs Golden Guardians. They are 2-4 in the month of March including a loss to 100T in week 8. the Thieves have the second best record in the league in the last 9 games going 7-2 and turning around what everyone, including myself, thought was a dead season. Fly can’t figure out who they want to play Top between Viper and Solo, feels like a problem that needed to be figured out in the previous 18 games and not right when playoffs are starting. It won’t be pretty but 100 Thieves will be facing EG.

Team Dignitas Vs Golden Guardians

Obviously I don’t have a line for this game because until Dig beat Immortals we don’t know who GG will be playing. Well, they don’t know. I already told you this will be the match up and I think Golden Guardians will sneak in. If you remember the power ranking videos I used to do I was very very low on GG to start the year but they’ve shown they can hang with the big dogs. They went 2-0 in week 9 to get here and have beaten Dig in the two other games they played this split, if Goldenglue is going to keep playing like he did this weekend then we may have found our dark horse for playoffs.

100 Thieves Vs Evil Geniuses 

I think EG win and go into playoffs as the 2 seed. In the same time 100T went 7-2 EG went 6-3 and if we look at the last 10 games both teams have gone 7-3. They split the season series and in both wins the winning side dominated the other. The most recent game the Thieves won but I think we need to keep an eye on the mid lane. Jizuke is going to take over this game and it will be curtains. I like Ryoma but Jizuke has the hopes of Italy on his back and I think he is going to hard stomp this game. Not to mention Bang is playing his former team and Sven is looking to prove which longtime LCS jungler is truly superior. Evil Geniuses win but in a close game.


  1. Cloud 9 (17-1)
  2. Evil Geniuses (10-8)
  3. 100 Thieves (10-8)
  4. Flyquest (10-8)
  5. TSM (9-9)
  6. Golden Guardians (8-10)

Once we know the actual results of today and what the matchups are I’ll be making you money like usual, don’t worry daddy isn’t going anywhere.

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